Welcome to ElementMC.

ElementMC is a Unique Minecraft experience, We are always trying to be as innovative as possible. We create, develop and work all together as a team. That is what makes ElementMC so special. So what are you waiting for? Join us today!

ElementMC's Gamemodes

A Unique and innovative Minecraft experience


Improve your fighting skills. And fight for the ideal loot. Earn coins to buy kits and increase your KDR. Will we see you at the top of our leaderboards?


Spawn in the realistic world of Elementnation, Where unstable buildings will fall apart. And where your team members need to specialize in aspects of the game such as building, farming, mining and more. Teamwork is everything in this world, So make it count!


Knights is a team vs team war simulation, The goal is to kill the other team and be the last team standing. Earn coins to upgrade classes unlock lootboxes with challanges and to have fun!

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